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Contributions to the successful colloquium from April 4-6, 2024

(Andreas Weber, member of the ISS Executive Board)

April 4-6, 2024

Senefelder Colloquium

Prof. Dr. Kilger (Invitation)

Dear friends of lithography,


In the meantime, some have already registered for the Lithography Colloquium on April 4th - 6th, 2024, partily with information about your own contribution, so that the program of our meeting is taking shape. The lectures from Buenos Aires are particularly eagerly awaited.


Before we have to reach the editorial deadline at the end of January, we would like to ask everyone involved in lithography to let us know how they would like to contribute to the panorama of all lithography places of work. This can take the form of a presentation, video, information material or poster. It would be nice to gain an overview of global activities for everyone present. Of course, contributions to new techniques or discoveries in lithography are also conceivable.


That's why I ask everyone to let Barbara Wilhelmi  know, whether they plan to participate with or without a presentation. Participation is free for everyone who is already a member of FISS (Friends of the International Senefelder Foundation), for everyone else we have to charge a fee of 50 euros. Of course, membership can be purchased via our homepage .


Kind regards,                                                                       


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kilger                                                 

 (Chairman of the ISS)


Organization of the 2nd Colloquium of the Senefelder Foundation from 4-6 April 2024
Program, schedule, conference venues and schedule of the 6 panoramas
ENG-ISS Kolloquium 2024 FLYER Final 2303
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September 9, 2023

13th Senefelder Award 2023

Exhibition and award ceremony at Kunstverein Offenbach

(from left to right)
Prof. Dr. Kilger (ISS), B. Wilhelmi (ISS), Herman Noordermeer (2nd prize), Cordelia Heymann (2nd prize), Aron Herdrich (1st prize), A. Weber (FV of ISS).
Award ceremony and finissage © Frank A. Leithäuser and Gero von Thorn

Award Speech in Offenbach am Main on September 9, 2023
Andreas Weber, Chairman FISS e.V..docx
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6 December 2022
(International Lithographers' Day)

Lithography  in the print workshop in the Bernhardbau (Offenbach), 15.00h - 18.00h
with Magdalena Uchman from Poland (Senefelder Prize winner 2020):

Magdalena Uchman:          International Senefelder Award 2020

Ms Uchman will present the printing of a lithograph from stone on a hand press and answer questions about her own working technique.
She will grind a Solnhofen litho stone, paint it with lithography chalk and ink, prepare it and then print it on handmade paper.


Guests are free of charge and welcome (please wear FFP2 mask).


June 16, 2022


Grinding - Drawing - Printing and so on....

 Lithography workshop in the printing workshop in the Bernardbau with Peter Paulus:



Peter Paulus influenced entire generations of art students* at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, where he was a lecturer in bound, drawing and free graphics. As a workshop leader in the field of lithography, he teaches technique and artistic approaches to lithographic printing in one weekend. The processual, the experiment and the individual artistic expression are in the foreground.



Meet at the Klingspor Museum on June 16 for a brief introduction to the current exhibition. 


June 16 - 18 (Thu. + Fri. + Sat.)

10.00 - 17.00 h

195 € (Incl. cost of materials)




6 november 2021

We celebrate the 250th birthday of Alois Senefelder

"upside down" world with a lot of future!

Prof. Dr. G. Kilger

July 26 - September 13, 2020

Exhibition of the lithographer Eckhard Gehrmann, Senefelder Award winner from 1991 and board member of the International Senefelder Foundation, in the Haus der Stadtgeschichte in Offenbach:

March 11, 2020

The event "Day of Printing Art" (March 15, 2020) in the House of City History in Offenbach is canceled (Corona pandemic)!

"The stones speak" on March 15, 2020 in Offenbach

Invitation of the International Senefelder Foundation (ISS) on the day of the art of printing (15 March 2019) in Offenbach:

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Resonance of the print media:

"Day of printing technology" on March 15, 2019

The International Senefelder Foundation is celebrating this UN World Day together with the "House of Urban History" and the "Klingspor-Museum" and many other institutions that are committed to printing technology. The design of this day in Offenbach will be published soon:


3rd lithograph-day on 6th December 2018

Dear friends of lithography,
We look forward to the anniversary of Aloys Senefelder and cordially invite you to the "special exhibition and ceremony" on December 6, 2018, 17.00h in the house of the city history.



Andreas Weber reports:

A successful Senefelder festive evening in the house of the town history Offenbach am Main on the day of the lithograph, the 6. December 2018.


The large hall was well filled, the public quite internationally. Offenbach's Lord Mayor Felix Schwenke emphasized in his dedicated greeting the city's affinity with Senefelder and the International Senefelder Foundation (ISS). Senefelders lifetime performance is quite comparable to that of an industrial pioneer like Carl Benz.
The chairman of the foundation, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kilger emphasized: "It is exactly 200 years since Aloys Senefelder published his textbook on the 'chemical printing industry'. He had spent almost 25 years since his discovery, but it was important to him that this great invention not be released in its experimental infancy, but as a professional printing technology in their future. In fact, at that time, his technique was already commercially successful in many printing companies around the world. Alois Senefelder had discovered the lithographic printing on stone in Munich through many experiments, in Offenbach he founded his first professional printing company with the music publisher André. From there, economic success began with the many possibilities of planographic printing. Today, one can rightly claim that flat-printing has brought pictures, graphics and colorful diversity into life to this day. "
At the same time, Prof. Dr. Kilger to the merits of the art historian, lithography expert and Senefelder biographer Prof. Wilhelm Weber, who - born 1918, died in 1999 - since the founding of the foundation over a generation away the foundation advisory board. "Even today, the book publications of Prof. Weber are the standard works to illustrate the great importance of Senefelder and lithography for art and artists around the globe."
Andreas Weber, also a member of the ISS for more than 15 years, thanked in the name of his family that the Foundation honors the work and work of his father; and quoted from a note of his father, which he found in the estate: "The International Senefelder Foundation has not only permanently commemorated the ingenious inventor of lithography, but keeps alive the result of his work to impulses and suggestions to us all over again to lend. Art and artists as well as technology enter into a special symbiosis, supported by inexhaustible creativity. "
In a scientifically founded analysis, Museum Director Dr. Jürgen Eichenauer Insight into the exciting and not always straight-lined life story of Senefelder and his business friendship with the music publishing family Andrè, but which should change the world. Dr. Harry Neß from the International Working Group on Print and Media History created a wonderful atmosphere in his reading from the Senefelder textbook, which brought the drive and experiences of the ingenious inventor to life in a highly detailed manner. -aw


Speech by prof. dr. Kilger, ISS, on August 29, 2018 - on the occasion of the 3rd International Lithography Days in Munich:

Rede (engl.) Prof.Dr.G.Kilger.pdf
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History of the colloquium

5th december 2017 - video:


House of town history

6th december 2017 - video:

(A. Weber)

1. Introduction to the seminar

2. First section

3. Second part

Presentation materials of the participants

Lithography in the Klingspor Museum, Offenbach (Dr. Soltek)
Lithographie Klingspor Museum_Soltek.ppt
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 32.5 MB
Lithography by Berggren and Bondeson
171206-Nina Bondeson&Jim Berggren6-7dec.
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Technical processes of Schöbel
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 3.9 MB
Lithography by M. Jozefowicz
malgorzata offfen gotowe_Jozefowicz.pptx
Microsoft Power Point Präsentation 26.2 MB
Lithography by A. Trojanowska
translating-the-stone_Anna Trojanowska.p
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Pictures of the colloquium on 5 and 6 december 2017

(Dorsch, Gehrmann, Weber)

Invitation: Colloquium

Flyer_Kolloquium_5._6. Dez.2017.pdf
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Colloquium on December 6, 2017

Dear Sir or Madam,


the International Senefelder Foundation as already informed on the 6th of December, 2017 her first Senefelder Colloquium in Offenbach. This is the international day of lithography. On account of many feedbacks now we send You specifics. The most important topics will exist of keynote lecture, the short presentations of the participants and a presented discussion about the theses paper. In the eve we are welcomed with receipt in the city hall and afterwards mutually get to know. Before the the possibility the inspection of the collection of the foundation exists. A conference fee is not raised, information to place and overnight possibility is informed after the shapeless registration.


We would be glad, if possibly many take part, which are active with lithograph stones.


Best regards,


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kilger                                                                                                                            Chairman of Senefelder Foundation



“Quo vadis: saxa loquuntur?”


05.12.2017      (House of Municipal history / Town hall)


16.00 h            Möglichkeit der Besichtigung der Senefeldersammlung /

                         Possibiltiy to visit the Senefelder collection

(House of city history)

19.00 h            Empfang im Rathaus Offenbach /

                         Reception in the Town Hall Offenbach


06.12.2017      (Landeskunsthochschule Offenbach/academy of fine art)


09.00 h            Registrierung / Registration

09.15 h            Begrüßung / Welcome

09.30 h            Keynote-Vortrag u. Diskussion / Keynote lecture and discussion

10.30 h            Kaffeepause / Coffee break

11.00 h            Panorama 1

12.30 h            Mittagessen / Lunch

13.30 h            Panorama 2

15.00 h            Kaffeepause / Coffee break

15.30 h            Diskurs: Thesen 1 – 4 / Discourse Theses 1 - 4

17.00 h            Abreisen / Departure


Theses for Lithography

1.   Professional lithography has died in the 20th century. Presently there are worldwide few experts, the professional experience in the historical printing technology. To counter the loss of skill existing knowledge to transfer and document the material and immaterial inheritance necessary.


2.   The artistic lithography uses possibilities of impression in link with experimental and creative techniques. Their goal is not in the professional duplication of templates, but in the creative process for the production of art. Since these artistic processes are an important one further development of lithography, are transfer and documentation of these artistic processes.


3.   The value of original printing techniques is currently too low on market rated. Although the production of a lithography both professional and temporal requires a higher effort than for other artistic techniques, the countervalue is not generally perceived. It is necessary, artisans, collectors, museums, gallery owners and critics convince that hand prints of lithographs in small edition as originals to be displayd.


4.   Although most lithography workshops know of other facilities and some meetings have been held, is a network of all worldwide activities necessary. It should be possible, that in a network exchange, cooperation and information will be better.