The "Award"

The Competition:     The International Senefelder Award


The foundation promotes itself by presenting the International Senefelder Award every three years. The prize is awarded for outstanding achievement in the area of lithography and its further development. The judges assess all kinds of artistic work in the area of lithography including flat-print drawings, such as those produced with metal offset plates or foil, and mixed prints such as those produced on stone, those produced using offset printing methods, and those created using a combination of these two methods.


Companies that would like to support lithographic art are very welcome to become sponsors. The companies selected will be promoted through the use of their respective logo and will also be featured in PR campaigns. Depending on the level of support provided, a special award can also be presented in connection with the respective company’s name. The International Senefelder award was first presented in 1975. Among the previous winners are the artists Bruno Bruni, Jim Dine, Ernst Hanke, Oskar Koller, Christian Kruck, Paul Wunderlich, and Bard Verbaenen, to name but a few.