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Nov. 6, 1971

40 years international senefelder foundation  (2011)

On the occasion of her 40th birthday, the International Senefelder Foundation presents her memorandum: "History of lithography and impressive technique".

The memorandum on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the International Senefelder Foundation in Offenbach results from a collaboration between the Foundation and the International Working Group on Printing and Media History (IADM). In addition to a detailed presentation of the Senefelder Foundation, its history, its collections and its activities, including the prestigious Senefelder Prize, the jubilee volume provides numerous scientific contributions on the importance and, above all, of the invention of lithography by Alois Senefelder, the central role of the city Offenbach for the printing technology, as well as the further development of the impression technology in modern offset printing. In addition, there are contributions on the plans for the establishment of a Senefelder Museum in Offenbach as well as the presentation of the Gutenbergschule in Frankfurt. The aim of the memorandum, as well as the Senefelder Foundation in general, is to cultivate and preserve the memory of Alois Senefelder and to convey the importance of his invention for printing technology (to this day!).

Gain a personal impression into an ambitious work. You will certainly enjoy our retrospective - "40 years of the International Senefelder Foundation" and you will find a lot of interesting facts about the subject "Steindruck" and its inventor; all from top-class specialists.

The book is high-quality processed, bound as a "Swiss brochure" and inserted in a decorative slipcase - the protection fee is 19.90 € plus shipping costs. Just send us an e-mail with your address and we will send you our memorandum in the next days.

We wish you much pleasure in reading.